Oak Island shooting 911 call: ‘He kicked the door down… and I shot him’

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — 911 calls are providing more details in a shooting that happened early Sunday morning at the Ocean Crest Motel in Oak Island.

Oak Island Police confirmed in a news release Tuesday afternoon that officers responded to a shooting, but only released minimal details. In the news release, police said everyone involved was cooperating and there was no threat to the public.

But 911 calls shed more light on what might have happened late Saturday night, early Sunday morning.

The first call came in just after midnight.

“We’re out here, outside the hotel room, we’re just standing out here my buddy pushed the other guy into a room,” one unidentified caller told 911. “He hit the door and the guy inside also, grabbed his [expletive] gun and shot my friend. He shot him!”

He continues to tell 911 his friend is bleeding and then becomes emotional. It appears  someone else then grabs the phone and talks to 911 to explain what happened.

This person tells 911 an Uber had just dropped them back off at the motel after going out to eat.

“We came back because we didn’t want to drive and we were standing there in front of our room, we were just messing around and one of my buddies pushed [victim] into a door and it hit the person’s door in their room and he just automatically fired a weapon and shot my buddy,” the caller said. “And I don’t know if he’s gonna live now.”

Another call comes into 911, this one from the alleged shooter.

“Some dude just kicked the door down, hit me in the…  he kicked the door down, hit me, and I shot him!” a man shouts on the phone.

“I’m sorry?” the 911 operator asks.

“I’m at Ocean Crest Motel,” the caller responds.

“And what’s going on, sir?”

“A guy kicked my door in, I’m at the motel, I shot him,” he replied. “I didn’t know.. he’s bleeding out.”

The caller asks for an ambulance and is overhead telling others to not touch the victim.

The caller tells 911 the man is conscious, but not alert. He tells 911 his weapon is secured and in the night stand.

The man then exclaims “It’s in the shoulder, it’s in the shoulder, he’s gonna live.”

When the 911 dispatcher asks if he’s been drinking, he says no. Shortly after, police arrive and the call disconnects.

The news release from Oak Island Police said the shooting appeared to be an isolated incident.

Oak Island Police said they were in contact with the District Attorney’s Office about the shooting and will provide more information at the first available opportunity.


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