Old Columbus County sheriff says judge should put him back in office

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Another battle in an election still in question. Columbus County’s former sheriff filed an injunction today arguing he should still be the sheriff.

Lewis Hatcher’s complaint says a judge should put him back in the sheriff’s office instead of Jody Greene, who beat Hatcher in November, until the election is certified.

Hatcher gave a long list of reasons why Greene should not hold the title of Sheriff.

Hatcher alleges, at the time of Greene’s swearing in last month, he did not have a certificate of election. Hatcher also says that the State Board of Elections said Hatcher is still the sheriff.

Greene is still in office and county leaders have not tried to change that even after the State Board of Elections said he should not have been seated while protests about the election are still unresolved.

Hatcher and others claim Greene does not have a legal residence in Columbus County. Greene says he does.

Hatcher is directing all comments from here on out to his attorney.

WWAY left messages for Greene’s and Hatcher’s attorneys. Neither has called us back yet.

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