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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Tag: Jody Greene

Sheriff’s office refuses to release incident reports; media outlets engage attorney

For the past three weeks, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has refused to release reports of criminal activity as it had done previously in accordance with North Carolina law.

Columbus sheriff’s office gets two new choppers

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office is taking to the air with two new helicopters.

“They tortured him”: Family speaks out after mother, father, 5-year-old shot to death

A family is in mourning following the tragic death of a mother, father and 5-year-old child, and the severe injury of a grandmother. Right now, the hunt is on for the killer.

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office identifies victims in triple homicide

According to the Columbus County Sheriff's Office deputies are investigating a triple homicide that happened early Saturday morning.

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office gets $5 million worth of hurricane equipment free

The Cape Fear region may not take a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian, but local law enforcement agencies are still preparing.

State budget stalemate puts Columbus County Sheriff’s Office substation on hold

A big project for the Columbus County Sheriff's Office is in limbo as the state budget stalemate drags on.

FIRST ON 3: Prosecutors to meet with investigators about ‘Teen Mom’ dog death report

The case may not be closed on the accusation by a reality show star about the death of her dog.

ONLY ON 3: Sheriff Jody Greene already making changes in office

He has been at the helm not even a month, but Jody Greene says he is wasting no time leading the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Jody Greene ‘ready to move forward’ after election certified

Seven months after he won the Columbus County Sheriff's race and six months after he was sworn into office, Jody Greene is now the undisputed sheriff of Columbus County. 

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PM Johnson says England to go under new lockdown as UK virus cases pass 1 million

The U.K. reported more than 21,900 new confirmed cases on Saturday, bringing the country's total since the start of the pandemic to over 1 million.

Early voting period ends

Polls are open until 3 p.m. this Halloween. After that, potential voters will have to wait until Election Day.

Oh boy! Pregnant woman stands in 3-hour line to vote on her due date

While there was much grumbling about the lengthy three-hour wait, most of the soon-to-be voters cheerily held a sense of camaraderie.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, text messages, and emails become major campaign issue

Biden was sailing along until Trump and other conservatives turned his son into campaign fodder.