Oldest climber beats his own record at Oak Island Lighthouse

CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The oldest climber at the Oak Island Lighthouse is beating another record.

This year will be Bob Dick’s fifth climb with his family beside him on their annual trip to the beach. After 131 steps, Dick is breaking records and charming his way to the top.

“These people are really super,” Dick said. “Where did my girlfriend go?”

With his girlfriends and family by his side, Dick climbed the lighthouse Tuesday at 90 years old, but this is not his first time. Lighthouse volunteer Bob Ahlers said Dick climbed for the first time when he was 85.

“We said, ‘That be cool if you were our oldest climber. Right now, we have a guy who is 87,'” Ahlers said.

That is not all Dick became known for that day.

“When he was here he tried to give us a tip,” Ahlers said.

“I carry two dollar bills with me all the time and I give them to kids in the street and I tip with two dollars bills,” Dick said.

“Well we don’t accept tips,” Ahlers said.

Ahlers said they told Dick they would keep the two dollar bill for something else.

“Every time you come back, until you break the record, you can sign the bill,” Ahlers said.

At 87, Dick beat that record.

“He’s still been climbing,” Ahlers said.

He does not plan to stop.

“It’s a challenge and I have to get in shape for it,” Ahlers said.

Dick said he even has a trainer.

“The most important thing is your legs, so I go to the Y and I do the stair machine,” Dick said.

At the end of the day though, he said his favorite part of doing this each year is something more important to him.

“Being with my family and friends here,” Dick said. “You can see how many people came here to support me. There would have been more, but they decided to go fishing which I said I’ll make sure you don’t catch any fish.”

He plans to keep climbing and charming his way to the top each year.

“My girlfriend over here she didn’t show up last year,” Dick said.

Ahlers said they have seen more tours than ever this year after some recent attention on the lighthouse. The Oak Island Lighthouse is in need of some repairs. Click here to read more and see how you can help.

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