One local organization and residents in favor of removing confederate monuments

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The debate over confederate monuments in the Cape Fear is back in the headlines as protests continue over racial injustice.

Wednesday the Historic Wilmington Foundation and some residents spoke out on the issue.

Residents said protesting is great, but both confederate monuments in Downtown Wilmington are included in them getting justice.

People said the statues need to come down to start the healing process.

Protestors in multiple states have taken confederate monuments down, from Richmond, VA, to Jacksonville, FL, to Louisville, KY, and now, here in New Hanover County, many are pushing to do the same.

“Pure ignorance to be honest, like why should a black person have to not want to go downtown where everyone else goes downtown because they’re being reminded of their ancestors being thrown in the Cape Fear River, or being burned down, hung on trees? North Carolina,” Resident Kiyrah Jones said.

The Historic Wilmington Foundation which protects historic structures in the region is also in support of removing the George Davis monument at 3rd and Market street as well as the Wilmington Confederate statue at 3rd and Dock street.

The Foundation wrote in a statement:

“These artworks do not represent the values of the city of Wilmington or this organization. It’s HWF’s hope that the monuments will be relocated to a location where they may be preserved, interpreted, contexualized, and used expressly for educational purposes, rather than to continue to serve as visual public reminders of racial injustices.”

Resident Jazmine Williams said she would like to see them replaced with what she considers to be meaninful monuments.

“There should be slave survivors as our monument, and people that we want to care for and put up as a love symbol, and not a hate tied symbol,” Williams said.

Resident Destiny Davis said one question still haunts her.

“Everyday I come downtown I see it. Everybody see’s it when they come downtown. It’s like why is it there? That’s my only response to everytime I see it. Why is it there?” Davis said.

Residents said removing the statues will mean their voices are being heard by leaders.

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