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Atlanta to add context about racism to historic monuments

Atlanta will soon add lessons about the South's racist history on markers placed next to four historic monuments.

UPDATE: Police seek identity of woman accused of vandalizing Confederate statues

Two confederate statues were vandalized Thursday morning in downtown Wilmington. 

Police: Vandals defaced Confederate statue with KKK hoods

Police say they arrested two people who climbed and placed Ku Klux Klan hoods on statues at a Confederate monument in North Carolina.

Confederate monument in NC cemetery defaced again

A Confederate monument in a North Carolina cemetery has been vandalized.

Confederate monument in North Carolina vandalized again

A Confederate monument in a North Carolina city has been splashed with paint for the second time in seven months.

Confederate statue removed from historic North Carolina court

A North Carolina city removed a Confederate statue Tuesday from the grounds of an old courthouse, a rare move in a state where such monuments are largely protected by law.

Board taking more time to decide on UNC’s Silent Sam

The board governing North Carolina's public universities is giving itself more time to decide the fate of a Confederate statue toppled by protesters.

Rallies held at Confederate statute in North Carolina city

City officials say they're worried the statue is a safety concern because of recent topplings of Confederate statues in Durham and Chapel Hill.

‘Cowards & traitors’ written on Confederate monument

A Confederate monument in North Carolina has been vandalized again.

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