ONLY ON 3: Artists helps stumped homeowners turn yard trash into treasure

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Yard work is never fun, and things get especially tricky when a tree falls. One man says he has the answer to the clean up issues, and it looks good too.

Some folks are still stumped about what to do with debris left behind by Hurricane Irene. Rick Cox says he has an artistic alternative for stump removal that will liven up any yard, and all he needs is his chainsaw.

“We go to different people’s houses and carve their own trees into whatever they want,” Cox said.

Don’t be fooled, there’s an art behind these masterful maneuvers. Cox has been traveling the country for years, turning toppled trees into eye-catching artwork.

He says his pieces are for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s pretty nice that they can have a piece of artwork in their yard,” Cox said. “Not only can they appreciate it and enjoy it, but the community can appreciate and enjoy it.”

Cox says some people choose his expertise so that they can hold onto a piece of their own history.

“People are kind of emotional about different trees in their yards,” he said. “Some people have planted the trees and they want something left of them ’cause they were young when the planted them. Sometimes their parents have planted them. And it really makes a unique way to keep their parents around.”

Cox says he plans to keep carving away, giving old, dead trees new life.

The project Cox has been working on this week was a surprise to the homeowners from their daughter.

Cox and his wife Sue will be carving at the Cape Fear Fair & Expo, which starts tomorrow.

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