ONLY ON 3: Clean up continues for Wilmington meth lab

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After drugs and other items used to make meth were removed from an apartment in Wimbledon Chase over the weekend, residents say investigators have been working to clear the apartment. Some neighbors say they are concerned that the toxins from the lab may have gotten into their apartments.

“The fumes can get in the air ducts and the air is sort of circulatory,” said Reid Duncan who lives upstairs from where the lab was found. “There are a couple of apartments that share the same A.C. so I don’t know if mine is connected in any way, shape or form, but yeah, probably.”

For now, surrounding residents have been cleared to stay in their homes because they were told the air quality was safe.

Wilmington Police, emergency management, as well as HAZMAT say the investigation continues. The different agencies agree the next step is to figure out how long the lab was operational and what methods were used to make the meth. Those results will determine what should be done next to clean up the mess. Many different systems, like ventilation and plumbing, also have to be inspected.

Duncan says he thinks everyone should try to be aware of their surroundings and look out for any warning signs, which he says he may have missed.

“I had no idea so that kind of worries me because like I said, I had no idea so I was just here, you know? I put myself here,” Duncan said.

An apartment representative says the complex is working closely with all agencies to make sure they do all they can to keep their residents safe and healthy.

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