ONLY ON 3: Controversy surrounds UNCW Provost finalist

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One of the three finalists to become UNCW’s next Provost is no stranger to controversy.

Doctor Timothy Chandler was up for a similar position last year at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, but declined to take the job after work he had done earlier in his career caused a stir.

Dr. Chandler currently serves as an Associate Provost at Kent State University, but when he was being considered for the Provost position last year in Georgia, a paper he co-wrote with a colleague caused some people there to get worried about his leadership and viewpoints.

The paper, which was published in 1998, focuses on the way a university should be governed.

After chandler was offered the Provost position, newspapers in Georgia reported that the paper Chandler wrote allegedly had an anti-American, Marxist slant.

The coverage and controversy was so intense, Chandler turned down the position and stayed at Kent State.

He was quoted on a website saying “if it had just been me and it hadn’t been my family and everything else, I might have been tempted to go down and take on the world.”

Chandler also says he wrote the paper in a pre-September 11th world and thinks the opinions of the general public was much different before the tragedy.

Chandler is now being considered with two others as a finalist for the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs position at UNCW. The position description specifically calls for leadership and vision in relation to academic studies at the university.

But, could this paper cause problems for Chandler again?

You may remember UNCW professor Mike Adams sued the school for denying him tenure because of his conservative political position and writings on his website.

Adams’s standpoint has been the topic of discussion from the classroom to the courtroom and has still not been settled. So, if conservative views upset the system, will a supposedly socialist standpoint cause a scene?

The university acknowledged that they reviewed all of doctor Chandler’s work.

In a statement they said:

“The UNCW Provost search committee, comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and students, has selected Dr. Chandler as one of three candidates to interview on campus based on his administrative and communication skills, commitment to higher education and his ability to provide leadership and vision.”

UNCW did not specifically comment on the controversy.

Chandler is scheduled to on campus Monday for an open presentation to the school as part of the interview process.

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