ONLY ON 3: Driver on-scene when bicyclists were hit talks to WWAY

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Since the accident Sunday that killed Trey and David Doolittle, many folks are searching for something positive amongst all the negativity.

There’s a person we have not heard from yet. He’s a good Samaritan who was on the scene of the accident and waited in the hospital with Trey and his family during the teen’s final hours. He was not a friend of the family. In fact, he did not know the Doolittles at all.

“Everybody might not have done that, but everyone should have done that,” Rob Miller said.

Miller was driving on River Road Sunday morning. He says he passed Trey and David Doolittle on their bikes, and when he looked back he could not believe what he saw.

“I went around these guys. There was no reason to slow down. There was no oncoming traffic. I just went around them, and the other guy didn’t. He went through them,” Miller said.

Miller immediately called 911 and blocked the driver Highway Patrol identified as Thomas Grooms Jr. with his car.

“He was continuing to come towards me, and so I just made sure he couldn’t get around me,” Miller said. “I kind of hand gestured him back to the scene of the accident.”

Miller said although David and Trey were unconscious, he stayed by their sides while they waited for paramedics to arrive. He says he wanted Trey to know that someone was with him and he wasn’t alone.

“I was talking to him, and I hope he could hear me, ’cause that had to be comforting to know that someone’s there waiting with you on help,” Miller said.

Miller said he’s not a hero. He said he just did what anyone should do.

“It’s just a matter of… it’s moral fiber,” he said. “It’s what you should do. It’s a matter of acting on something that’s taking place right then and there. You just do it. Just do it.”

Miller said he wants Trey and David Doolittle’s friends and family to know that he does not think either of the cyclists suffered.

Trey’s friends have started a Facebook page in his honor. They’ve also organized a fundraiser in the Doolittles’ honor for Sunday at Murray Middle School from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Grooms is charged with felony death by motor vehicle, felony DWI and cocaine possession. Troopers have sent a blood sample to the SBI for tests.

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