ONLY ON 3: Former Leland officer offers his take on firing

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — After Leland Police Chief Mike James released the details around why Richard Roman was let go on Tuesday, Roman says he could no longer keep his silence, and now he’s firing back at the once troubled department.

“They’re not telling the whole story or the truth,” said Richard Roman.

When Leland Police Department Sgt. Richard Roman was let go for falsifying training documents it appeared to be more of the same for a department that has been in and out of the news for all of the wrong reasons over the past couple of years.

“Nothing has changed over there it’s the same stuff that has been going on over there,” said Roman. “If you’re not in the right clique you’re screwed”

Roman says he was told that there wasn’t enough man power at the station to do the ride along hours required to pass his certification, but was told to log the hours anyway, and a certified officer would sign off on them.

“A junior officer was the one who approached me and said ‘Hey, I’ll sign them’,” said Roman. Either he felt guilty or got pressed into it. I’m pretty sure he was pressed into it by another officer who had clearly said to my face that he was after my stripes.”

With rumors flying through the ranks about a department restructuring he says his firing was part of a conspiracy by other officers who thought he was coming for their job.

“It’s obvious the chief didn’t want me back,” said Roman. “At best, being that I didn’t turn any paperwork in I should have been may be suspended. The other guy, if they’re going to fire me they need to fire him.”

Town Manager David Hollis says even though Roman didn’t sign his training sheet his intent was implied by simply filling out the hours.

Roman says he already has another job working for an overseas intelligence company.

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