ONLY ON 3: Frucci returns home from Bermuda; says he’s ready for his next adventure

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After nearly a month alone at sea, Greg Frucci returned home to Wilmington Thursday night. Although he is happy to be reunited with family and friends, he says he’s already ready to go back out on the water.

“It was nice,” Frucci said. “For a few days, to be alone at sea like that, and to tell you the truth, I miss it.”

Frucci set sail earlier this month for Portugal, but soon found out Mother Nature had a different plan.

“The waves were huge, the wind was howling, the Coast Guard coming like that,” Frucci said.

On his trip, Frucci says he hit strong winds and rough seas near Bermuda. With such hazardous conditions, Frucci says he was scared for his life. Damages to his boat ended his trip early, but he says he learned some important life lessons while on the water.

“Fighting the gale, I wasn’t thinking about wanting to be on land,” Frucci said. “I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting through it.”

If he were to do it all again, he says he would do things differently.

“The boat that I did it on, with the equipment that I had… It was reckless and I know that now,” Frucci said.

Although he did face challenges, Frucci says the beauty that he experiences on the ocean makes him want to leave for another trip as soon as his boat is repaired. He says even though this trip is done, his journey is far from over.

“Where the Cuddy and I go from Bermuda, I don’t know,” Frucci said. “I have an idea, but I’m not quite sure at this point. So, the actual physical journey, changing course, it’s not over.”

Frucci says he is happy to be home with loved ones, epically his beloved dog. He says he plans on setting sail again in November and plans on documenting the trip like he did this one. If you would like to see Greg’s trip or future ventures that he is planning, visit his website at

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