ONLY ON 3: New CFPUA well leading to ‘nasty’ water for some customers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new irrigation well on Westbrook Ave. and Military Cutoff Road in Wilmington is already causing problems for customers. They say it’s keeping them from using the water in their homes.

CFPUA says it’s received multiple complaints about the quality of the water and is trying to figure out what’s going on.

Last week CFPUA began testing water problem believed to be a result of a new well. One customer we talked with says it’s downright disgusting.

“The smell is nasty,” George Page said. “It’s like sewer smell. They said sulfur. I think more like sewer, and it comes out clear, but turns yellow within minutes.”

Page says his water has an oily film on top after sitting for a couple of minutes. He says he cannot shower or drink the water at his house, because it makes him sick.

“It started out with nausea Saturday morning about two hours after I drank water, and then I got a headache, which I’ve had ever since, and then Sunday morning I took a shower. I didn’t think nothing about the water, and I broke out in hives,” he said. “I’m still itching today. I’ve been eating Benadryl like candy.”

CFPUA is investigating what is causing the problem. The utility hopes to find a solution to Gage’s problem and provide water when customers may want it most.

“The benefit is when we have periods of high demand during the summer, and say we have a period of drought during the summer, we have more supply to serve the community than we would have before,” CFPUA spokesman Mike McGill said.

CFPUA is reducing the flow rate and pressure to monitor the situation for a couple of days. They will see if anything improves or continues and then make a decision.

In the meantime, Page has to buy bottled water.

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