ONLY ON 3: ‘Teen Mom’ fight gets national media exposure

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Forget MTV. Brunswick County’s superstar Jenelle Evans has made it to network news.

The Oak Island “Teen Mom” and her caught-on-video brawl with another girl made ABC’s Good Morning America today. GMA sent reporter Andrea Canning to Oak Island Tuesday morning to talk “Teen Mom 2.”

“You always have to cover the news,” Canning said. “If people are talking about it, then you should cover it.”

People across the country are talking about Evans and the explosive video that hit the web last week. The brawl has been making headlines since the video was posted on TMZ Friday. So much so, Good Morning America decided it should do some investigating of its own.

“‘Teen Mom’ has become such a popular show and this video has gone so viral that it got to the point where it was hard to ignore,” Canning said. “We also wanted to get to the bottom of whether these reality shows are causing people to get into these fights and make videos to increase their fame.”

Canning met with Britany Truett, the girl seen in the video fighting with Evans, to talk about the controversy.

Canning says all eyes are on Brunswick County for many different reasons.

“Not only has it brought up teenage pregnancy, but it’s also brought up the whole videotaping fights on camera, which is happening in school yards across the country,” Canning said.

And though the throwdown has garnered national attention, some still say Evans and her drama are not news.

“It glamorizes something. People should be married before they have children. They shouldn’t be on the news, and it shouldn’t be egging it on to be on the news,” Betsy Roberts of Oak Island said.

The season finale of “Teen Mom 2” is Tuesday night. Canning says she thinks the fight definitely won’t hurt the show’s ratings.

“It only gives it more attention,” she said. “Maybe more people will watch because of all the drama surrounding the show.”

Even if they don’t watch, people in Brunswick County and well beyond are talking about it.

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