ONLY ON 3: Brunswick Co. Sheriff unveils new body cams

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — In recent times, interactions between law enforcement and the public are being looked at closely. Many agencies, like the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, are working to be more proactive when it comes to monitoring their employees.

“If things start going south you want to make sure you know I actually can get it on camera, ” Deputy William Boyton said.

Brunswick County deputies deal with all kinds of situations everyday. And now they are going out with another set of eyes and ears when they go out on patrols — new body cameras.

“There’s a lot of things that might get away if they are not recorded,” Boyton said. “That’s the only challenge I for see is being able to get it positioned correctly. If I am talking to a subject, I obviously want to be able to catch them on camera.”

While deputies are still working out a few kinks, Sheriff John Ingram is confident they will benefit from the new cameras.

“This will be just add another tool in collecting evidence, so if there are issues we can address them and hopefully have more evidence to support what really happened,” Ingram said.

$50,000 was set aside for the 80 cameras and equipment that were purchased months ago, but the recent demand for the cams slowed down the process. Ingram says no one can access the videos in the sheriff’s office to edit or delete them. He says you can only watch them.

“We are in the process of getting all of them deployed on the street and in our detention center,” Ingram said.

Sheriff Ingram says they plan on applying for federal grant money to buy more. As for deputies, thought, it’s still business as usual.

“I am not going to be doing my job any differently,” said Boyton.

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