ONLY ON 3: Hospice patient casts vote as final wish

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — For one Pender County man, voting in this year’s election was more than just a civic opportunity. It was his final wish.

92 year old Johan Bonk hid from German soldiers in Holland before coming to America in search of freedom. Now over 50 years later, he is still celebrating those rights.

“It means the world to him. He’s been talking about it for days,” said Rosemarie Bonk, Johan’s wife.

Once in America, Bonk gained his citizenship and joined the Airforce. But today, Bonk’s health is declining.

“We did not know that he was going to be this ill, that he couldn’t vote,” said Rosemarie.

But he was determined, and through the help of Lower Cape Fear Hospice, Pender Transport Service, and curbside voting, his final wish to cast a ballot in the election became a reality.

“I think it’s important,” said Bonk.

He said he wanted to have his voice heard this year.

“I want to be sure it’s the right person in the job,” Bonk said.

Bonk’s family said they are so happy his final wish was honored this Election Day.

“He’s loved America. He’s traveled a lot here,” said Rosemarie.

A man who truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be proud to be an American, casting his vote for president one last time.

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