ONLY ON 3: Records show new sheriff legally lives in Columbus County

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The investigation into Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene’s residence continues.

Today WWAY learned Sheriff Greene has been following proper tax rules.

In a story you saw only on WWAY last night, Greene and his wife say they live in camper on property they own in Cerro Gordo, where tax records show there is no house.

County tax officials say a camper must be registered under the county’s personal property account, unless that camper has license plates.

Then it must be registered with the DMV. Sheriff Greene says his camper is registered to his South Carolina beach house, so it does not need to be under the Columbus County Tax Office.

Columbus County records show that Greene has been paying the required property taxes on his three properties in the county.

Other evidence cited as proof the couple does not live in the county is that the Greenes do not have trash service at their property.

The tax administrator says each resident is supposed to sign up for trash pick-up. But he said it is common for residents to misunderstand that expectation, and there is no penalty.

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