ONLY ON 3: Teacher’s love now mission to help girl get new home

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A teacher is getting one of her students a free home – almost. Tammy Motely started mentoring Aaliyah four years ago.

“She has a learning disability,” Motely said

So Motely teaches, but she says Aaliyah became a blessing in disguise.

“Well, I feel like she’s just like my own daughter,” Motely said.

When Aaliyah’s mother died three years ago, she and her two siblings had to move in with their grandmother in this mobile home in Maple Hill.

“These are my world,” Rosalee Booker said.

But Motely, who also lives on this road, says Aaliyah’s home is still damaged from Hurricane Floyd years ago.

“We were stranded for three days,” Motely said.

While some of these houses were re-built, Aaliyah’s was not; so for the past two years, she’s been trying to find her a new one.

“She’s become attached to me,” Motely said. “It’s gets emotional, but I want this to happen for them.”

An emotional search that may be over.

“My husband got a phone call,” Motely said.

A phone call from the Wounded Warrior Project saying they plan to burn down a home a mile away from Aailyah to build a new one for the owner.

“My husband was like, ‘Well I know my wife is looking for a house for this family,'” Motely said.

Motely says the owner will give them the estimated $180,000 house for free.

“We just have to move it,” Motely said.

To move that house a mile away will cost about $12,000, Motely said.

“I looked at that house years ago, and I said I wish I had a house like that,” Booker said.

A dream that may become a reality, if they can raise $12,000 by April 18th.

“We need the community’s help,” Motely said. “I will do anything I can to help their family.”

Motely says they can also move just the main part of the house for $7,000, but that does not include the porch or the extra room.

To help the Booker family, click here.

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