ONLY ON WWAY: Charter Day School won’t let archery team compete at world championship

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Parents at Charter Day School in Leland are speaking out after the school announced the archery team will not be allowed to compete at the world championship this year.

Mike Smith, Stephanie Pelton, Brian Skinner and many other parents say archery has been life changing for their kids.

“It gives the kids a lot of self confidence,” Pelton said.

“It’s for girls,” Smith said. “It’s for boys. It’s for kids who don’t have the best athletic ability. There’s not anything like it around in the area.”

There is not a team like theirs either with eight consecutive state titles.

“They compete usually 3 times at a state level, a national level in Louisville Kentucky every year, and then at a world level,” Pelton said.

Pelton said after months of practicing and fundraising at Highway 55 and Krispy Kreme for all three of the tournaments, they got unexpected news from the school.

“The owner of Roger Bacon Academy has denied their participation in the world tournament,” Pelton said.

Baker Mitchell, Owner of Roger Bacon Academy and Charter Day School, did not want to go on camera, but he told us they have been trying to stop going to worlds since 2014, because it is usually in July at the beginning of the next school year. Charter Day School is year round.

“They don’t want anyone to miss days of the first 20 days of school,” Smith said.

Mitchell said, if students miss the first day, the school gets dinged in state funds. He also said students like Pelton’s who will have already graduated from the school by worlds are a liability because they will no longer be on the school’s insurance.

“She is the state champion,” Pelton said. “She scored the highest out of anyone in the state and for them to take away that opportunity for her is really hurtful.”

Baker also said worlds is usually far away making it a longer trip. He said last year was feasible, because the competition was in Myrtle Beach. This year the tournament is in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s all out of our pocket,” Smith said. “All we need is the school to go into the computer and register our team. We don’t need any funding.”

All the parents want is a chance.

“The opportunity for our kids to achieve the success that they have earned,” Smith said.

“When you go to worlds, you get to see people from everywhere,” Brian Skinner said. “Why deny a chance for a child to experience that? It could be a life changing event for them.”

Baker Mitchell told us his decision is final. The team will no longer compete in worlds. Parents are hoping they may still be able to change his mind by the deadline to register for worlds on Tuesday.

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