Over 150 marijuana plants seized in Shallotte drug bust

One hundred and sixty-seven marijuana plants were seized from Michael Wayne Herdman’s Shallote home on Snapper Street. He is facing six charges, five of which are felonies, including possession with intent to sell, trafficking and manufacturing marijuana.

The pot plants ranged in size from inches tall to more than eight feet. The bust is a result of an eradication operation. Along with the SBI, and a highway patrol helicopter, detectives and undercover agents began searching for growing operations. In just eight hours, the house was spotted, searched and seized. “We’re sure that there’s a lot of it that we have yet to find, and I assure you we will be looking for it,” said Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram.

It was an out of the ordinary day for the normally quiet neighborhood. Fred McKeithan has lived here for 20 years. “I didn’t know anything was going on,” he said. “I saw the helicopter circling over head and then I told my wife they found what they was looking for. The next thing I saw was all these police cars.”

Other neighbors watched detectives clear Michael Herdman’s shed, plant after plant, concerned for the children who live nearby. “My baby girl and his baby girl used to play together, running back and forth,” said Keith Lovett. “This is a total shock to all of us.”

Detectives said two young children lived with Herdman and DSS was notified.

While the total seizure has yet to be weighed, undercover agents estimate they have taken between thirty to forty pounds of pot off the streets.

Michael Herdman makes his first court appearance Tuesday.

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