Student allegedly stabs kid with scissors; parents question procedure

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland Middle School parent says a student stabbed his son with a pair of scissors and is still at the school.

“My son is scared to go to school. He’s scared of what’s going to happen to him and what could happen to him,” Josef Genda said.

Genda is furious with the student who he said stabbed his son in the arm with a pair of scissors.

“We were told that they were going to have the child that did this out of the school,” Genda said.

Genda tell us it happened in a classroom at Leland Middle School at the end of January. He said the school handled the situation swiftly and told them what happened. Genda and his wife thought the other student would get expelled. But they just found out the student is now back in school.

“We were told they requested the maximum punishment and they requested to have the child out of the school and that it went up to the superintendent and that the superintendent had denied that request,” Genda said.

One emotion describes the way they feel is anger.

“I was angry cause my children have been through enough in their life. They don’t have to worry about going to school and being hurt when they do their best in school, they get good grades. We don’t have any kind of issues with discipline at school or anything like that. I was very angry that this was allowed to happen,” Genda said.

He and his wife are keeping their son at home because he doesn’t feel safe with the other student at school. We reached out to Brunswick County Schools, but they told us they cannot comment.

WWAY asked if the school district could explain their disciplinary procedures in a case like this. They said because we were doing this story, any response could be perceived to violate the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act.

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