Parent upset with Brunswick Co. Schools after delay in response

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One Brunswick County parent has been fighting to get reverse osmosis filling stations into four schools since August.

Emily Donovan is a mom of two young children.

She’s concerned about their drinking water while they’re at school.

That’s why she’s been trying to get reverse osmosis filling stations at four Leland schools.

She secured a $200,000 donation from H2GO, but said the school district denied the proposal.

“Incredibly disappointed and really dumbfounded that the county would reject such an incredible proposal,” Donovan said.

Her fight began in August when she first reached out to Brunswick County Manager Ann Hardy, who Donovan said referred her to the school district.

“The county would not, did not want the $200,000 donation. They did not want 3,200 students to have access to clean, safe water during the day,” Donovan said.

On September 27th Hardy sent a letter to the school superintendent that said the county did not believe reverse osmosis was a needed solution.

Donovan had no clue.

“When Ms. Hardy wrote that letter on September 27th, I didn’t receive it from the superintendent until yesterday, so it sat for 40 days in his inbox before sending it to me,” Donovan said.

In a statement, Brunswick County Schools said in part, “Mr. Tubb regrets his delay in response. The delay in response should not be interpreted as a lack of interest in this important topic.”

The school also said they appreciate Donovan’s passion and if their system were directed to take protective measures with regard to the drinking water, those measures would be applied to all 19 schools.

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