‘It’s just devastation’: Some areas remain accessible only by boat

ASH, NC (WWAY) — Record flood levels still impacting parts of Brunswick County, a week after Hurricane Florence hit our region.

WWAY’s Andrew James joined the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office as they monitored the flooded roads and homes Thursday.

For days, flooding in Ash has led to dozens of rescues.

“It’s just amazing the amount of water, I’ve never seen anything like this,” BCSO Chief Deputy Charlie Miller said.

The only way WWAY and deputies were able to accessed parts of Kingtown Road was through an armored vehicle.

In northern Ash, farms, roads, cars, and homes are flooded.

“They’ve lost pretty much everything they have,” Miller said. “With some of these houses, their vehicles and food and clothing and it’s just devastation.”

It’s devastation that left hundreds stranded in need of Chief Deputy Miller and his rescue team.

For the most part, if you live in parts of northwestern Brunswick County the only way you can get across the county line is by air boat.

“One day you would travel it and you would not see anything,” Miller said. “The next day you’d come back and travel that same route and you’d start seeing the tops of vehicles.”

The news is improving for this part of the county.

“We’re hoping that it will start dropping soon, which it has dropped in this area a little bit overnight, but we still have some areas that are rising some.”

The Waccamaw River has crested. According to the National Weather Service, it did Thursday night at more than 22 feet, 3 feet above Matthew levels, but slowly it should begin to go down.

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