Pender Commissioners talk budget and inevitable tax increase

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — The Pender County Commission held their third meeting to discus the upcoming budget today in Burgaw. They talked needs and wants for the community, and topping everyone’s priority list is keeping the tax increase increase as low as possible.

If you live in Pender County you will definitely see a tax increase next yeat, but just how much you’ll be paying remains to be seen. Commission Vice Chair, George Brown, said a lot of that increase comes from the school bond voted in by residents in the last election.

“The school bond will have a huge effect on our tax rate. Because we’re borrowing $75 million. It’s probably going to take close to 9 cent just to make the payment, the debt on that amount of money,” said Brown.

But the school bond isn’t the only contributing factor to the tax hike.

“We got a 3.5 cent tax we never implemented from 2010 that was also associated with a previous bond,” said Brown.

The growth of Pender County is adding on the necessary tax dollars as well.

“At least we’re a growing county. You know some of these things are good to have. I mean no one wants to have higher taxes but you know you have to pay your bills,” said Brown.

Brown said the commission is going to work very hard to do the right thing for Pender residents. There is a proposal on the table for an 18 cent tax increase, but Brown said the commission will do everything they can to get that number lower.

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