Pender County Schools proposes compromise for May 1 rally

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After missing about 30 instructional days of class time due to Hurricane Florence, Pender County Schools is proposing teachers send two representatives from each school to Raleigh for the May 1 rally.

Pender County School sent an email to staff Friday afternoon, asking them to give careful consideration of the impact their presence in class will have on students.

Pender County School said they’re seeking a way to be inclusive and create a positive compromise for educators, students, community stakeholders and the Board of Education.

The email said after a lengthy discussion with the Board of Education on how to support both educator and students, they’re asking that two teachers per school be delegated to attend the NC Association of Educators rally.

Any teachers who use sick leave for May 1 will be required to provide a doctor’s note for the absence.

Here’s the email Pender County Schools Superintendent Steven Hill sent to staff:

“We certainly hope that you were able to enjoy some time with family and friends during your spring break. As everyone returns to work refreshed and re-energized, let’s put forth our very best efforts to ensure the school year ends on a successful note for all students.
Considering the amount of instructional time lost due to Hurricane Florence, every minute with our students in the classroom is critical. As you’re aware of the May 1st Teachers’ March in Raleigh, we trust you’ll give careful consideration to the impact your presence in the classroom will have on students. As stated many times, you are important people and we place a high value on your skills and appreciate the awesome job you do with students every day. There has been lengthy discussion with the Board of Education on how to best support educators and support student learning. In an effort to minimize teacher absences and ensure student learning on May 1, we ask that you delegate two teachers per school to attend the march. This compromise will offer representation from Pender County Educators and allow students to maintain a much-needed instructional day.  The adverse effect of too many educators requesting leave or calling out sick will create an unproductive and unsafe school environment that will have to be overcome with additional calendared school day/s or longer work hours.  Neither of these options are proven to be as effective for student learning as teachers being present on the assigned school day.  Additionally, we ask that you please be mindful that any use of sick leave on May 1 will require presentation of a doctor’s note for the absence.

Please consider the trials and tribulations that our students, staff and Board have had to endure this year when making your decision.  Thank you again for all you do for the students in Pender County Schools. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.”

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