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Teachers call for change with rally in Wilmington

Not everyone was able to make it up to Raleigh Wednesday for that rally, but that didn't stop Wilmington teachers' voices from being heard.

North Carolina teachers plan new rally to press demands

North Carolina teachers didn't win the pay increases and other changes they sought last year, despite a rally that brought 20,000 people to the capital so they're marching again Wednesday.

Pender County parents plan to keep kids home during teacher rally

School districts across North Carolina are closing for Wednesday's teacher rally in Raleigh, including New Hanover and Brunswick counties. However Pender County Schools will remain open, angering some teachers and parents.

Pender schools to stay open as many close for teacher rally

A Pender County Schools spokesman told WWAY that the district will remain open as many across North Carolina head to Raleigh for a teacher rally.

Pender County Schools proposes compromise for May 1 rally

After missing about 30 instructional days of class time due to Hurricane Florence, Pender County Schools is proposing teachers send two representatives from each school to Raleigh for the May 1 rally.

WalletHub ranks North Carolina as one of the worst states for teachers

It's no secret that teachers in North Carolina feel overworked and underpaid, but just how justified is that claim?

Superintendent Sit-Down: New Hanover County Schools

New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Tim Markley stopped by Good Morning Carolina Thursday morning to discuss the recent teacher rally in Raleigh, redistricting, year-round school and more.

‘Not the place to cut funding’: Teachers rally over education needs

Thousands fighting for students, schools, and the future of education. That's what has been going on in the state's capitol Wednesday.

Thousands march in Raleigh for more teacher funds, pay

Thousands of teachers have gathered in front of the North Carolina Legislative Building where the route of their march ends.

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