Photo with nooses labeled ‘back to school necklaces’ found at middle school

(CBS News) — A Long Island, New York school district said it has launched an investigation after a racist photo was found in a middle school classroom.

CBS New York reports the photo from Roosevelt Middle School, shows two nooses, a smiley face and the hashtag “yes.” The title of the picture says “back to school necklaces,” and was reportedly in a classroom for months without anyone saying a word about it.

Pastor Arthur Mackey Jr. of Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral was sent the photo. He said it’s part of a collage with pictures of three teachers and what appears to be other students.

“This is pure outright discrimination whether they realize it or not,” he said. “We call on our superintendent of schools and our school board to fire anyone that is involved with this.”

The image also spurred outrage with parents and students.

“I was shocked. I said no this couldn’t be, this can’t be real,” said parent Cassandra Saunders.

“This is evidence that racism still goes on, it’s disturbing,” said student Dante Hawkins.

Hempstead town supervisor Laura Gillen has called on the district to dismiss any teachers responsible. In a statement, the district said it launched the investigation, but could not comment any further.

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