Pine Valley residents concerned about coyotes

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In a quiet Wilmington neighborhood, new predators have decided to make their home.

Residents near Pine Valley Country Club have reported coyote sightings over the past few months.

They say the coyotes don’t appear to be afraid of humans and have come very close to homes.

“In the mornings, we see ’em out, and of course, it’s daylight, and coyotes are nocturnal. They’re not supposed to be out in the daytime. The school bus stop is right across the street, so we have children standing out in the mornings, about daylight, waiting on the school bus,” said resident Jean Lawler.

New Hanover County Animal Services cannot help with coyotes, because it only enforces regulations on domestic animals.

There are companies locally, like Ecocentric Wildlife Solutions, that offer coyote removal services.

“I try to help the owners, the landowners to change the environment that they’re living in so it’s less attractive to the coyotes,” said Rick Donnelly, the owner of Ecocentric Wildlife Solutions.

Lawler was attacked by a rabid fox in the neighborhood twelve years ago.

She says she does not want a coyote to do the same thing to someone else.

“I was in my yard, not three feet from my back door when I was attacked, and so it just concerns me to see wild animals in my yard,” said Lawler.

Another resident of the area, Katy Bell, says that a coyote killed two of her pets on September 29th.

She sent a letter to the Wilmington City Council Monday outlining her concerns about what she feels is a growing safety issue.

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