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How COVID-19 could be one reason for rise in NC coyotes sightings

Increased sightings of coyotes in neighborhoods could be due to changes in human activity caused by COVID-19 or could coincide with the normal increase of activity seen every spring as pup-rearing season gears up, according to biologists with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

VIDEO: Coyote spotted running along shore at Carolina Beach

A Carolina Beach resident was suprised to see a coyote while checking the waves at Carolina Beach Thursday morning.

Residents protest against coyote trapping on Bald Head Island

A group of Bald Head Island residents protested against the village trapping coyotes in an effort to save sea turtle eggs.

Coyote sightings peak in October and November

Hearing or seeing more coyotes these days? You’re not alone, say biologists with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

Kure Beach residents discuss living with coyotes

Coyote sightings are becoming more common in Kure Beach, worrying some residents. Monday night, a meeting was held to educate the public about the animals, and how to coexist with them.

73 dead coyotes found behind a North Carolina subdivision

A large pile of dead coyotes was discovered behind a subdivision in a North Carolina city, and a wildlife officer thinks they were brought from a different location after a hunt.

Dozens of dead coyotes found in woods behind North Carolina neighborhood

Authorities are investigating after a pile of dozens of dead coyotes was found in a wooded area behind a Charlotte neighborhood.

Beware of coyotes: Humane society warns mating season puts pets at higher risk

Beware of coyotes -- that's the warning from the Humane Society of Granville County.

UNCW conducts coyote survey in New Hanover County

If you receive a survey in the mail about coyotes, don't throw it away! UNCW researchers are using the results to help manage coyotes in the area.

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