Pizza shop manager reacts after employee allegedly puts rat poison in cheese

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) — A Fayetteville man has been arrested in connection with a food tampering investigation that occurred on June 1, a news release said.

Surveillance footage revealed that 59-year-old Ricky Lee Adami placed what is suspected to be rat poison in the shredded cheese machine at Primo Pizza, the release said.

A manager was preparing pizza when he noticed an unknown substance in the cheese. The release said he stopped making pizza to go back and review the surveillance footage to determine who made the shredded cheese.

The manager then called the police. All the contaminated cheese was identified and collected before being served to customers, police said.

“I brought the bucket of cheese from the batch that he cut,” manager Gurol Bicer said. “I fluffed it up like I normally do.”

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