Future of reverse osmosis plant in the air; millions down the well?

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — As it stands now, Bill Beer will join Trudy Trombley and Jeff Gerken, the other two H2GO board of commissioners who opposed the reverse osmosis plant.

All three say the next step is stopping the construction of the project.

“Well the next step would be to try to get spending to stop and I will be asking the executive director of H2GO to put a halt to the spending as quickly as possible,” Jeff Gerken, an H2GO commissioner, said.

H2GO executive director Bob Walker says so far, they have spent $6.1 million. They have contracts signed for another $8 million. Cancelling now, could result in up to $14 million going down the drain.

“It’s clear that this project is not going to be completed and that every penny that is spent between now and the board meeting in late December, when we cancel the project, will be a waste our customers money,” Gerken said.

Trombley says the project puts financial pressure on customers and there is no purpose for plans to continue.

“Leland would be in a bubble. And so, whenever you left Leland to go to Supply, Calabash, anywhere else, you’re not going to have RO water. Let’s work with the county and spread this solution out,” Trombley said.

But first, the board members have to work together.

Beer says he is working closely with Trombley and Gerken. He says they will focus on getting some of the money back.

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