Police Department adding technology to help catch criminals

There is some good news coming out of the Wilmington Police Department Monday.

The shared law enforcement chopper, Sable, will get more than $200,000 dollars in federal money for infra-red technology.

Sable was also awarded an Achievement of Excellence by Congressman Mike McIntyre.
The helicopter is used by Pender, Brunswick, Leland and Wilmington police.

New technology funded by Mondays grant will go toward helping track down more criminals.

“We have a special advantage now with this helicopter program, and this infra-red lighting will only enhance and increase the opportunity to catch those who commit crimes, and get away with it in the dead of the night,” said Congressman McIntrye.

In addition to infra-red technology, the grant money will add a Hi-Def camera for surveillance from a distance, and technology to send information gathered in the air to a command post on the ground.

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