Proposal would require Holocaust, genocide teachings in NC schools

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) — On Tuesday, the House unanimously passed House Bill 437, which would require middle and high school students to learn about the Holocaust and other acts of genocide.

“Those that don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. While I don’t want to live in history, but I want to learn from it. And I’m afraid if we don’t keep alive the lessons that we learned in history, we will repeat it,” explained Representative Craig Horn, as he cited an oft-used quote from famed historian and writer George Santayana.

Outside of incorporating the topic into lesson plans, the legislation has also called on schools to create a Holocaust Studies elective.

Horn, who served in the US Air Force from 1962-1969, said he has visited concentration camps in Europe.

“It can happen again. Frankly, it is happening again. So it falls on us as adults, as people in education, to ensure that the message and the lessons are carried on,” Horn said.

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