Proposed NC bill would create online registry of convicted animal abusers

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — A new bipartisan proposal would create a publicly available online registry of convicted animal abusers, with increased penalties for those with multiple convictions.

Senate Bill 423 would place a person convicted of animal abuse on a registry for two years from the date of conviction.

For every subsequent conviction, the person would remain on the registry for five years. The list would include the person’s photograph, full legal name and “other identifying data as the Department (of Public Safety) determines is necessary to properly identify the animal abuser.”

“That’s a great tool for us to check. That would be one of the top things that we would check before we adopted out,” said Nicole Kincaid, the Program Director of Cause for Paws of North Carolina, a non-profit organization.

However, Kincaid believes the bill doesn’t go far enough, pointing to cases where abusive owners are not prosecuted.

“I think where it really needs to start is more funding for the counties so they can really go after these abusers. And then the court needs to see the abusers as an actual abuse case, and prosecute to the fullest (extent of the law), and hold them accountable,” said Kincaid.

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