Protesters rally on UNCW campus against Mike Adams

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Tenured UNCW professor Mike Adams has faced criticism from staff and students for a number of social media posts over the last month. On Monday, those groups came together on campus.

People gathered at the UNCW amphitheater on Monday afternoon to protest against Adams and his employment at the university.

One June 5th the school released a statement saying Adams’ tweets were quote ‘vile and inexcusable. However the comments are free speech and protected by the First Amendment.’ Protesters say, while free speech is important, changes need to be made.

“The reason we are out here is hate speech should have no place at a university that preaches diversity and inclusion,”says protester Robert Trombley. “We would like to see more things beyond this, like maybe some tenure policy changes that don’t protect hate speech and discrimination against students. All that does is pit people against each other.”

Alumni and notable celebrities from across the nation have come forward in favor of removing Adams from his position at UNCW. The university said in a release they are reviewing all options in terms of addressing the matter going forward.

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