Police confront protesters as rumor of KKK march brings crowd out in Durham

Friday morning, at least two protest groups converged on each other outside of the Old Courthouse. ABC11’s crew on the scene saw several protesters armed with guns, axes and other weapons, but there was no violence.

There was a heavy police presence outside of the courthouse ahead of the protest, but as demonstrators converged on the area the police backed off.

Speaking live on ABC11, Durham Mayor Bill Bell said the protesters were reacting to rumors.

Also speaking live on ABC11, Sheriff Andrews urged people to remain calm and not overreact.

County officials sent some workers home and have told people to avoid the downtown area. Durham Police blocked off several streets in the area and multiple downtown businesses have closed. Traffic is a mess.

Many of the protesters gathered around what remains of a Confederate monument outside the Old Courthouse that was pulled down by protestors Monday. One protestor Friday scrawled “Death to the Klan” with a marker on the granite base.
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