Queen Consort delivers Paddington teddy bears as tributes to Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Consort gives Paddington bears to nursery on November 24, 2022 (Photo: CBS/APTN)

LONDON, UK (CBS) — On Thursday Camilla, the Queen Consort visited nurseries in East London to deliver Paddington teddy bears left at royal residences as tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

After delivering teddy bears to Barnardo’s nursery, she attended a picnic with children and “Paddington” actor Hugh Bonneville.

“Thank you to all the hundreds and thousands of people who left them as tributes. And it’s wonderful that they’ve been given out to young children who will really enjoy having them in their teddy bear collection from here on,” says Bonneville about the initiative.

All the bears delivered have a tag pinned to their jackets that reads “Please look after this bear”, signed by the Queen Consort.

The queen became linked to Paddington bear after the two appeared in a video together, screened during the late monarch’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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