Quiet season leaves hurricane tracker hoping for active winter

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Atlantic Hurricane Season officially ended this weekend with a total of 13 named storms. Only two of them were hurricanes.

The season left Wilmington-based hurricane tracker Mark Sudduth without any new data. Sudduth, who runs the website HurricaneTrack.com had hoped to send tiny remote cameras into the eye of a hurricane, and then relay that data to researchers for analysis. He says without any hurricanes, research and potential discoveries get put on hold.

But he says there is always winter.

“Well there is what we call a nor’easter. Winter’s hurricane,” Sudduth said. “And especially up in the northeast, those can sometimes have hurricane force winds. They produce a coastal storm surge. Even our beaches here in southeastern North Carolina can be impacted by a strong winter storm.”

Sudduth says there is a lot of money and time invested into his gadgets, and practice makes perfect. By testing his gear in other weather events, it better prepares him and his team for the next big hurricane.

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