Record-breaking 13,000 Sea Turtle hatchlings reached ocean from Bald Head Island this season

A record number of sea turtle hatchlings made it to the ocean in 2022 from Bald Head Island (Photo: WWAY)

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A new record has been set on Bald Head Island this sea turtle season.

According to the BHI Conservancy, more than 13,000 hatchlings made it to the sea in 2022.

Their Sea Turtle Protection Team says it patrolled the beaches of BHI for 151 days/nights (22 dawn, 58 partial nights and 71 full nights) and observed 148 nests, with the first being laid on May 18th and the last on August 14th.

Due to the proximity to the high tide line or an escarpment, 68 (45.9%) imperiled nests were relocated.

The first hatching event was observed on July 25th, while the last two nests were excavated on October 2nd.

The BHI Conservancy says approximately 16,373 eggs were laid on the island’s beaches producing  the record number of hatchlings.

Although six nests were lost to Hurricane Ian in late September, this was the first time in the past four years Bald Head Island did not lose a single egg to a coyote.

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