Frying Pan Tower to host extreme experience for athletes

CAPE FEAR, NC (WWAY) — Frying Pan Tower will soon become the stage for some of the world’s most talented athletes as they perform extreme sports stunts all on camera.

Frying Pan Tower, once a Coast Guard light station, is located more than 30 miles off the Cape Fear coast.

Owner Richard Neal says they will host high divers, sky jumpers and scuba divers this summer.

Sky jumpers will reportedly land on the tower after a 10,000-feet jump. Olympic high divers could dive from 65-90 feet, as much as 130 feet.

Neal says scuba divers will search the ocean’s bottom for lobsters.

Frying Pan Tower says they will be filming from June 10-15.

Volunteer safety captains are needed.

If you’d like to learn more, you can reach out to Frying Pan Tower.

Neal says you can also purchase a share of the tower.

Editors note: The previous story involved the event working with a corporate entity, but are since no longer involved.

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