Reduced Carolina Beach town council looking for replacements

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — After the Carolina Beach town manager, mayor and another council member resigned last night, many residents are wondering what now.

The remaining three town council members called a special meeting tonight to decide what to do next.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Shuttleworth says Planning and Development Director Ed Parvin will act as the town manager for a few days as council looks for a more permanent replacement.

The reduced Carolina Beach Town Council says they are looking for candidates to fill the three newly vacated leadership positions. Mayor Ray Rothrock, Councilman Lonnie Lashley, and Town Manager Tim Owens resigned Tuesday.

“What we’re here to do it finish the town business that we were elected for,” said Shuttleworth. “We have tremendous confidence in the professionalism of our staff. They do a great job. Things are getting done every day.”

Kure Beach Mayor Dean Lambeth went to the Wednesday night emergency meeting to check out who he would be working with now. He says he knew the resignations were coming.

“With discussions with Tim and discussions with Ray, we met last week at the water conference; it was pretty much a done deal,” said Lambeth.

Lambeth says the cause of the separation was because of a clashing of personalities. He says he hopes Pleasure Island will get back to business now.

“This is the reason we have two municipalities, Kure Beach and Carolina Beach,” said Lambeth. “This is giving Kure Beach a little bit of a break what’s in the news for them most of the time. So it’s okay. We’ll be fine.”

Shuttleworth says the council does not have anyone in mind for the open positions and that anyone who is interested should apply. Those who are appointed would fill the position for another year until the term expires and another election would need to be held.

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