Renters struggling to pay say Charlotte motel ‘shaming’ them

CARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put many people in tough financial spots as they try to make ends meet, with countless struggling to pay their rent.

But now, renters at City Inn in southwest Charlotte say they are being shamed for not being able to pay.

They discovered a “Wall of Shame” in the office of the City Inn for any and everyone to see. It has pictures of their driver’s licenses and information posted.

Katrina Atkinson is one of the renters whose face is on the board.

“It’s terrible. I’m just so ashamed and embarrassed,” she said.

Atkinson and her fiancé Douglas have been living at the City Inn off Nations Ford Road for 1 1/2 years. When Douglas lost his job in October, they began to fall behind on the weekly rent of $280. Atkinson works part-time at the Dollar Tree, but it isn’t enough.

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