Rep. Rouzer on HB2 and gov’t restructure law

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Earlier this week WWAY’s Daniel Seamans sat down with US Congressman David Rouzer who represents a large part of our area. Over the next couple of days we’ll air parts of the interview.

In Part 1, we talk about a couple hot topics on the state level with his thoughts on the special session late last week that ended with state government restructuring in House Bill 17.
House Bill 17 reduces the number of appointees to state government Governor-elect Roy Cooper can make, requires Cooper’s cabinet picks to be approved by the Senate, and takes away the governor-elect’s power to appoint trustees to the boards of UNC System schools.
Critics called it a power grab.
We also asked about the impact of HB2.

“Do you have any thoughts on where NC needs to go from here, you know we’ve lost millions and millions(of dollars)?”

“Well,” Rep. Rouzer explained, “we’ve also gained a number of jobs in the state, too. So I take a little bit of issue that the notion that HB2 has cost the state all these jobs.  Now in certain sectors, certainly there has been an impact, but on the whole, the state business climate is so much improved”

Next up,  House Bill 17, which Governor Pat McCrory signed into law.
“Last week at the state house there was a special session(where state government was restructured)”

“I have always believed, one of the changes the legislature made,” Rep. Rouzer said, “I’ve always been in favor of, that is, that the governor’s appointments to the cabinet, in particular, ought to be confirmed by state senate and that was one of the modifications they made and I would advocate for that modification whether Pat McCrory got elected or not.”
“So either way,” Rep. Rouzer continued, “that’s appropriate because when you have executive agencies, they are not nearly as responsive to the legislative body as they should be if they don’t have to go before the legislative body for their confirmation. So from a constituent standpoint and keeping government grounded with the people, I think that is an appropriate change.”

Topics coming up in Part 2 include a Veteran’s Bill recently passed, the Wilmington VA clinic, and Hurricane Matthew relief.

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