Rescuers say Lockwood Folly inlet still a danger to swimmers

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY)– After consecutive years of dredging, rescue officials are still advising folks to use caution around the Lockwood Folly inlet.

This week Oak Island Rescue gave WWAY a first hand look at the current.

Chief Tony Young says the current going in or out with the tide will almost be a continuous danger for swimmers. The low tides are impacting the inlet creating more beach for boaters and sun seekers. Rescuers are asking vacationers stay out of the inlet current.

“This is one of the most dangerous places we have around so we get called here quite frequently during the summer,” Young said. “You never know where things are going to happen, but we know this particular spot has a lot of hazards associated with it.”

Young and ocean rescue considers the inlet one of the most dangerous spots also because of how difficult it can be for them to respond out there. Young says it’s a continuous rip current situation in the inlet. The latest dredging has left a drop off that could take beach goers by surprise.

“Probably 6 to 8 feet from the beach right here and then it drops off to 7 or 8 feet and another few feet it’s over 20 feet of water right here,” said Young.

You may remember, Oak Island Rescue already making headlines this summer with a water rescue. Now with another major holiday bringing in beach goers, they want visitors to be vigilant.

“You feel that water moving as you are walking into it, you feel that strong pull, just move yourself away from that area and try a different spot where it’s not so strong,” Young said.

And if you do get into rough water.

“Don’t try to fight against it,” Young said. The new thing is to try and relax, raise your hand and let somebody know you need help.”

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