Residents concerned about Wrightsville Avenue’s safety

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The section of Wrightsville Avenue between Southerland Avenue and Allens Lane has concerned residents for years.

The issue became heated in 2017, when the decision to move the ABC Store closer to Wrightsville Beach brought even more traffic through these intersections.

“It’s been a death trap,” says Jeff Smith, an Allen Lane resident. “I mean, people have died here, so…I think that it’s fair to say that it’s certainly an intersection where people, multiple people, have lost their lives.”

Smith says he was warned about the intersection upon moving to the neighborhood eight years ago. His family and neighbors know to be cautious when pulling out from Allens Lane, but he worries about others.

“But it’s the individuals that aren’t from the area that don’t understand what, you know, what they’re getting into,” Smith says. “And they, you know. Unfortunately that’s generally who have fell victim to this.”

Smith says he knows many of his neighbors have attended meetings with local leaders, asking for a stop light or more visible stop signs. Anything to keep what happened to 89 year old Jean Rogers, who was killed in a crash on Tuesday, from happening again.

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