Residents frustrated with Lendire Road construction

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Road construction is a fairly common sight around the Cape Fear and one community off Market Street is a little upset. Residents are frustrated because they don’t see anyone working on the road or they rarely do. They are starting to doubt the road will ever be finished.

“There doesn’t seem to be any progress. We see some guys here and there, see a pile of dirt and sometimes a hole and no road,” Larry Hunt said.

The construction is at the intersection of Lendire Road and Ogden Business Lane. They say it has been one giant hassle for anyone coming in and out of the neighborhood.

“It’s a great inconvenience. It’s really messing up traffic. Traffic’s already bad enough and its just having to bypass that entry way and going down to Torchwood,” Hunt said.

“At the beginning it was very hard because you would turn a certain way to go to Market Street to get to your destination. Then go the opposite way and through the couple of the neighborhoods,” Rich Leone said.

Some residents decided to cut through Ogden Business Park to bypass the construction but New Hanover county maintenance engineer, Kathy Stephens, says no one should do that.

“I would suggest that they use the detour that’s in place. That they use Beacon Road to Torchwood. The business park owners are very upset about people driving through the business park at high rates of speed,” Stephens said.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the construction will go on until the end of September. But residents don’t believe that and think the extra traffic will pose a risk to kids.

“The more cars going through these neighborhoods, yes you are putting all of them at risk because they are not fully aware or they do not pay attention. Some of them are children,” Leone said.

“At this pace, it’s going to take much longer than that. If everything just suddenly explodes, they could do it by September. It’s going to have to be a lot different than what we see now,” Hunt said.

Residents also said that authorities are now ticketing anyone that tries to cut through the Ogden Business Park. Stephens apologizes for any inconvenience the construction may cause.

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