Residents wonder when debris will be picked up

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been 17 days since Hurricane Isaias made landfall, but Wilmington is still cleaning up.

Many Wilmington residents have their front yards piled with branches, leaves, and ruined patio furniture, and are wondering when it will be picked up.

According to the city, they’ve sent 28 tandem haul tracks to remove debris from all public roads.

“Those trucks are going to make two passes through all the neighborhoods,” says Wilmington city spokesman, Dylan Lee. “They’re currently on the first pass or completed with the first pass in a little over half the city. And so they’ll be continuing on the first pass. Once that’s been completed for all of the public streets, the second pass will start.”

Lee reminds New Hanover County residents to make sure:

  • Vegetative debris isn’t mixed with trash
  • There are no parked cars in front of piles
  • Debris isn’t too close to fire hydrants, power lines, signs, low branches, or water/gas meters
  • Debris is on private property, not the public right-of-way
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