Rise Up Community Farm providing a place for growth in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Mari Carl Fisher started out with the dream to bring a community farm to the Cape Fear. Now, that dream has turned into a reality with the Rise Up Community Farm taking Wilmington by storm.

The farm, which was founded in 2019, grows fresh fruits and vegetables. Their goal was to ensure that everyone in the community had equal access to fresh produce, which was one of the reason she founded the organization in the first place.

“I grew up in a really small town around farming,”says Fisher. “I had my first experience with folks in need in the community with food insecurity and realized that not everyone has access to fresh produce like I did growing up.”

That realization led her to starting the farm, but the community outreach doesn’t stop there. They provide the opportunity for growth not just with the produce, but with volunteers of all ages working in the soil.

“It is a community space, folks can come out whenever they want,”Fisher says. “I think there’s really something empowering and healing about getting your hands in the dirt. For a lot it people it can be very therapeutic.”

Catherine Anderson spends at least a couple of days a week on the farm. She says it helps her treat her green thumb, while also giving back to those in the community.

“For me personally it’s been such a great place to come and just you know calm my mind,”says Anderson. “It’s like a therapy place for myself and it’s helped me so much. I think it would help anyone and just being able to provide food for people all over would be amazing.”

Anderson went onto say she doesn’t know where she would be if she didn’t become involved with the farm.

“I love the farm and I can’t imagine my life without it,”says Anderson.

If you’re interested in more information on the Rise Up Community Farm you can visit their website.

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