RNC responds to N.C. health leaders over safety conditions for 2020 convention

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – The Republican National Convention is to be held in Charlotte in less than three months.

The Republican National Committee sent a letter to North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper saying they expect a full convention, no matter the state of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the committee’s eyes, a full convention entails 19,000 delegates, alternate delegates, staff, volunteers, elected officials and guest inside the Spectrum Center.

The RNC also is expecting hotels to be full and restaurants and bars to be at capacity.

The committee responded to a response by state health leaders that details their health and safety guidelines.

“The RNC has worked tirelessly and in good faith throughout the planning process to make this a successful event for everyone. That has not changed,” RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel wrote on Saturday. “While we have demonstrated our commitment and acted to ensure a safe convention, to date, we have received no guidance that provides us with any assurances that the Convention can proceed according to the terms of the various participants’ original agreement.”

The RNC said it has plans to implement temperature checks, testing before and during the convention, making masks available and providing enhanced sanitation of public areas.

The Convention is set to start on Aug. 24.

The committee is asking for a decision by Wednesday, June 3.

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