Running without fear: Ashley’s Sincere Cuttino is proving that you don’t have to see to keep moving forward

15-year-old freshman track athlete with visual impairment hit another PR at county track championship

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) – Seeing is a very important part of running. Observing what’s around you and seeing the destination are borderline imperative to the process. But for one Cape Fear student-athlete, he just uses someone else’s to help him get there.

Sincere Cuttino is visually impaired. But the 15-year-old isn’t letting that stop him from achieving in athletics. Wednesday, he competed in the New Hanover County Track Championships.

“My mom always told me to never let people tell you that you can’t do anything,” says Sincere. “That’s just a motto that ahs really stuck with me. When you have this visual impairment there are going to be obstacles everywhere. there’s going to be things and challenges that you have to face throughout your life time but you are going to have to learn to trust God and believe that you have the strength to do anything.”

He hit a new personal record of 17.1 in the 100 meter dash. He has improved a lot this season, according to both his teammates and him.

“Sincere and I are friends outside of school and he told me he was going to do this and I was like yeah totally go for it,” said Caden Doughten, another freshman on Ashley’s track team. “I was going to help with that.”

“I do sprints with him and I run laps with him I help him with his workout,” said Edward Hodges, another freshman on the team. “It feels rewarding … you are able to help someone with something that would be much more difficult to achieve on their own.”

Both Caden and Edward act as guiders for Sincere. When Sincere runs, they give an extra lane to the person guiding him. By placing their hand on his shoulder, and constantly communicating while running, Sincere is able to run as fast as he can in a straight line. Sincere also competes in the 200 meter dash and occasionally participates in the long jump.

Coach Shawn McKee has been with the Ashley track team for 15 years. He says he’s never had a runner like Sincere and that he has really made a positive impact on the squad.

“Having him out here is a big morale booster for the kids,” says Coach McKee. “I see smiles on their faces seeing him run… Coming to the track side and just cheer him on when he’s out here running.”

“I know that helps him out when he’s running too.”

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